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Raisin Boat now offers more ways to enjoy your rental plan!



                                                                                       View Keepers(TM) now


No time to stamp this month? You'll always get your money's worth out of your Raisin Boat rental membership because it's more flexible than ever!

Raisin Boat's rental program now offers Keepers(TM) -- consumable cardstock packages, embellishments, and more that you can add to your Pick List in place of stamp sets. Each "Keeper" is equivalent to receiving one stamp set rental. The difference is that you get to keep it!

Our "Keepers" are designed to offer more versatility and value to your rental membership. You choose whether you want us to send stamp sets or "Keepers" (or both!), by the items you put in your Pick List.


"Keepers" change to fit many seasons and reasons


We update our "Keepers" regularly with top-quality Raisin Boat products, so there's always something new to choose from! You'll love the choices -- and the freedom -- they offer.

For example, maybe you like to stamp during the fall and winter months, but you have less time in the summer when you're out enjoying the lake. That's okay! Simply stock up on cardstock or other "Keepers" in the summer, and when fall blows in, you'll have the consumable products on hand to use with your current rentals.


How to use your rental credits for "Keepers" 


  • Log in to www.RaisinBoat.com with your email and password.
  • View our current selection of "Keepers" under the Products tab, "Keepers(TM)" stamp category
  • Add any "Keeper" to your Pick List just like you would a stamp set.
  • If the "Keeper" is at the top of your rental plan Pick List the next time you're eligible for a new rental, we will ship it to you! Remember, each "Keeper" takes the place of one stamp set rental.
  • Please note: A return envelope will not be included with your "Keeper" since you will not be returning this item. It's yours to keep and use whenever you wish!
  • You can receive "Keepers" in place of your rentals as many times as you like as long as you have unused rental credits under your current plan. You can always view your eligible rental credits on your personal My Home Page when you log in, or on the top of your Pick List (refer to "Number of rentals available before next renewal date").


See our current selection of "Keepers"! 


Mix and match your stamp rentals and "Keepers"!


Our exclusive Raisin Boat stamp sets and "Keepers" work great together. You may never want to use them alone again! Even under our minimum "Puddle" plan, you can get one stamp set and one "Keeper" each month!

Think of the possibilities...


  • Rent a stamp set and get a "Keeper" cardstock package that works with your specific rental set (e.g., a spring set with our Fresh Spring Cards "Keeper").
  • Get exclusively "Keepers" to stock up on cardstock and other embellishments -- great for your own use, get-togethers with friends, or even gifts. You can never have too much cardstock or cute accessories on hand for your ongoing project demands!
  • Suppose you're on the Raisin Boat Lake plan, which gives you four rental credits each month. You could use one credit to get a birthday stamp set rental and three cardstock "Keepers" with the remaining three credits. Now you have the basic supplies you need to make twelve birthday invitations or thank-you notes!


Mix and match stamp set rentals and "Keepers" to fit your needs and enjoy your hobby to the fullest! No pressure to create each month -- only fun and flexibility as you use or stock up on the quality Raisin Boat products you need for your creativity!


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