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Stained Glass Technique



 Click on any sample to learn more about the stamp sets used.


  1. Cut a sheet of acetate (window sheet) slightly larger than the piece of cardstock you wish to dye, and lay it on a bedding of paper towels.
  2. Using colors that blend well together, scribble randomly all over the acetate with the brush end of your water-based markers OR squeeze a few drops of re-inkers onto the acetate.
  3. Spritz water onto acetate with a spray bottle until the colors begin to spread out and intermingle.
  4. Press cardstock (we used glossy in the samples above, but matte offers a more absorbed look) onto the wet acetate and hold briefly.
  5. Peel up cardstock and set aside to dry. You may need to flatten it once it is dry.
  6. For the window sample  (sample #2), we embossed images from Henna Art onto the dry cardstock in black.
  7. Re-use your acetate by rinsing after each use.


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